New directions + a starter muesli recipe

Yes, that is a reference to Glee. While I would never publicly call myself a Gleek, I’m a huge fan and have been known to belt out the weekly mash-ups in the shower, much to the chagrin of my roommate.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, and this is certainly no way to begin my debut in the blogosphere. After at least a year of wonderful and amazing spectatorship, I’ve decided to jump on the blog bandwagon and throw my own words out into the abyss. A few reasons why:

1. I’m a scientific/grants writer for my current job, and I MISS creative expression through words.
Writing about the economic impact of ecological sanitation in South America will only get you so far.

2. I continue to be inspired by a huge number of healthy living blog writers, and I’ve realized that I no longer want to be an anonymous reader. Please see my Blogroll for a handful of my favorites.

3. Similar to my friend Katie, I am hoping that this blog helps me to reconnect with a side of myself that sometimes gets pushed aside in the midst of life’s frenzied pace.

4. Many of the most important and dearest people in my life are in different states or countries from where I live right now. What better way for us to connect than over a bowl of muesli?

Well, enough about me (see my “About” page for similar ramblings). For now and for starters, I leave you with a simple muesli recipe. Like Katharina, I spent part of my childhood in Germany, and eating muesli–especially bircher muesli–never fails to invoke a deep, smile-to-the-tips-of-your-toes kind of nostalgia for me. No, this blog won’t just be about muesli, but it will make a special guest appearance periodically. And besides, it’s a fitting beginning for my first post.

Simple Prep Muesli

Muesli is quite similar to overnight oats in terms of preparation. You essentially mix oats, dried fruit, nuts and a yogurt/milk or fruit juice combo. Let it sit for a few hours (or overnight) and voilà! How can you resist? I’ve made the prep work for this muesli lightening fast by using one of my favorite packaged mueslis by Dorset. I love all of Dorset’s cereals, but for this one I used the Simply Fruity Muesli, made with multi-grain oats, sultanas, dried papaya and pineapple. Yum!


-1/3 cup packaged muesli
-1/3 plain Kefir
-1/3 almond milk (feel free to use your choice of dairy or–as I did–nondairy)

Mix ingredients together and let sit in refrigerator for at least 3 hours or overnight. In the morning, add sweetener of choice and fresh fruit. I used sliced green apples because apples + muesli = pure love (à mon avis). Enjoy!


2 Comments to “New directions + a starter muesli recipe”

  1. Ah. Becky! Tis fabulous & looks delicious! And your pic? What can I say…you’re ravishing = D

  2. Becks, this is gorgeous! I’m so excited to follow your posts!

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