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April 3, 2011

Matcha Do About Nothing

I can’t believe the weekend is almost over. It’s been so beautiful, with 70-degree weather and clear, sunny skies. Such a treat after a long, dreary week filled with overcast skies and rain. On gorgeous days like this, it’s quite easy to rise with the sun and flee to Piedmont Park for a quick run, a leisurely walk or simply to doggie-watch (I melt every time I see a Schnauzer). In contrast, during the storm-filled week, I found myself dragging in every way…skipping workouts, rising out of bed with unnecessary resentment toward my alarm clock, even passing on breakfast a time or two in the rush to get to work (for shame..I know, I know!). By Thursday, I was fed up in more ways than one. I needed an energy boost and a light, refreshing and QUICK breakfast to reclaim the spring my step and the season upon us. Farewell, oatmeal: I shall see you next fall. Tis the season of the green smoothie.

And about that energy boost. I’ve been trying to completely cut out coffee for now and rely on green tea for my caffeine fix…there are several reasons for this, and I’m sure I’ll explore them in a later entry. So in line with this goal, I picked up some matcha green tea powder from Market Spice several weeks ago during my trip to Seattle.


Matcha–which can be quite expensive according to the grade/quality–is a type of Japanese green tea that has been finely ground into a powdered form. Elaborate tea ceremonies surround the preparation of matcha tea in Japan, and the powder makes a frequent appearance in Japanese cuisine, as a coloring agent as well as a flavor additive. Green tea in general has been praised for its potent antioxidant levels as well as its pro-metabolic properties. Consider matcha then as the king of green teas: it delivers much higher antioxidant levels (at least 3-fold for the antioxidant EGCG) and stronger health benefits than your ordinary cup of bagged or loose green tea. So the answer was clear. It was now also the season of the matcha.

For some time now, I’ve had my eye on the recipes at Green Lemonade, a healthy living/detox blog. When I saw a little number for a Matcha Green Tea and Apple Detox Smoothie, I knew I’d struck gold.

Delicious, light, refreshing. And the best part? I don’t have to take the extra time to brew a cup of green tea! Pinkies up, folks.